Almost everyone can suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the pain is caused by a specific activity, which if avoided, can resolve with rest, over time. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky and some must learn to manage chronic back pain.

Fortunately, there are things YOU can do to manage the pain, alleviate the symptoms and minimize recurrence. The first step is to understand what causes it, eliminate the cause and create an exercise plan to prevent or minimize a flare.

Common causes of back pain include:

• Poor posture
• Weak back
• Weak abdominal and gluteal muscles
• Lack of flexibility
• Weight gain
• Lifting incorrectly

If your back pain is acute and severe, avoid the cause of the pain, rest and apply ice two to three times a day. Cold is especially effective when active inflammation produces severe pain and joint swelling. Cold applications must be used with caution to avoid skin damage. Depending on the severity and duration of the back pain, you should consider consulting your physician and/or physical therapist.

Exercise is the most effective way to relieve back pain

Exercising to relieve pain is ironic, of course, because when one suffers from back pain, the mere thought of exercising sounds painful. But the purpose of the exercise is to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine so that you reduce the risk of back pain.

Benefits of exercise to relieve pain:

• Stimulates endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers
• Improves blood flow to discs, joints and muscles which relaxes painful spasms and accelerates healing

If your back pain occurs occasionally and is mild in nature, exercise can help. If you are not routinely physically active, start your exercise program slowly. Your physical therapist or certified fitness professional can create an exercise program that will not exacerbate your back symptoms.

Exercises to alleviate back pain:

  1. Knees to Chest
  2. Hip Flexor and Hamstring Stretch
  3. Lumbar Rotation
  4. Press Up
  5. Abdominal Strengthening – Crunches on the exercise ball
  6. Gluteal Bridges
  7. Back Roll on a foam ball

Don’t give up because you don’t see results quickly.

Lower back pain can be debilitating but doesn’t have to be if you are determined to make it better. If you have suffered from chronic back pain for some time, it can take weeks or months before you will notice the difference.

Consider an exercise program tailored to your body

Exercise programs are tailored to each individual depending on the current level of pain. They are coupled with proper lifting techniques and weight loss, if needed, can eliminate or reduce back pain significantly.

Exercise programs include a variety of stretching and low impact aerobics, like walking or cycling. Swimming is an excellent alternative to higher impact cardiovascular exercises, too. The exercises are monitored and should progress gradually.

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