What Is Riviera Sports?

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(Riviera Sports Physical Therapy)

(Regardless of age or activity level, our patients have one goal…to perform the daily activities essential to their lifestyle. Whether you play soccer, tennis, take walks on the beach, train for marathons, or are a weekend warrior, being able to do these things pain-free is important to everyone.)

(Riviera Sports Physical Therapy can help you get back to where you need to be. RSPT offers physical therapy treatment utilizing the latest techniques and exercises. We follow a thorough, "hands-on" approach that includes manual therapy and exercises.)
(Frank, the RSPT therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists know that time spent with each patient is important; therefore, their goal is to spend more time with each patient during the visit to ensure the highest level of quality care, allowing you to see results more quickly whatever your health and fitness goals may be.)

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